Cornerstone is Closing...

...but not disbanding.

The Lord has led us on a great journey as Cornerstone Church of Savannah, guiding our fellowship through what seemed to be a field of landmines.  Over the past two years, we've survived a change in leadership, the closing of one facility, the imminent closing of another, and a number of other issues that threatened to undo us as a church.  We've even gained new brothers and sisters along the way!  We can't take any credit for thriving despite all this, for it was God leading us the whole way.  

His providence has moved us through the wilderness.  When we received the call that the Southside YMCA was closing permanently, we found another location the same day.  When we later discovered that the Fraternal Order of Police voted to close its lodge, another option came our way within a short span of time.  

In regards to that option, we've meet several times with a like-minded Baptist church within five minutes of where we already meet.  We've discussed everything from theology (what our shared convictions about God and Scripture might be) to pragmatics, those logistical, nuts-and-bolts kinds of issues.  The leadership and congregations of both churches agree that God may be giving us an opportunity.

So, after prayerfully considering our options, we believe the best and wisest course of action is to dissolve the entity known to our community as "Cornerstone Church of Savannah" and join Quacco Baptist Church.  In one sense, we're staying the same.  Our teaching won't change; I will still be a pastor, serving proudly alongside Pastor Paul.  We will all still be together, so I know the people who've been making Cornerstone a great church will be a blessing at Quacco.

Many new opportunities will arise, though.  We're talking about opportunities for evangelism and outreach.  We'll be launching a Sunday Evening service.  We're planning the launch of student ministries, from nursery through high school.  We're even talking about the possibilities of AWANA and VBS, not to mention even more options for furthering your Christian education.  There are many, wonderful people we're getting to know at Quacco, and we're looking forward to what God has in store for the next few years over there.

So, this is a bittersweet announcement.  Of the many reasons a church closes, I believe this to be the best.  While it's sad to see the Cornerstone name drop, we recognize that we are simply part of the larger body of Christ, and that we will be accomplishing more for the kingdom than we could have otherwise.  

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Pastor Shaun Marksbury